construction managementThe Striler Group – a leading construction management company in St. Louis, is committed to moving our community forward. Together with construction firms and contractors, we help our customers to get the most from their design and the implementation of that design.

The Striler Group brings your company:

  • In-depth construction-based knowledge to buyers of design and construction
  • Unbiased knowledge with which to make intelligent decisions
  • Reduced cost and increased value
  • Improved ability to bring your design to a successful implementation
  • A “win – win” scenario for all parties, reducing risk of cost over-runs, missed schedules and litigation in the construction process

Here at The Striler Group, we are not just developing buildings, we’re developing the future.

We are one of the leaders in construction management here in St Louis. We take that to be both an opportunity and an obligation to our community as a whole.

In our role as construction managers in St. Louis, we strive to work with our clients to develop a community that is leading the country in safe and sustainable design and construction.

With an eye toward safety and a strong commitment to cost efficiency for our customers, The Striler Group provides the project owner with the ability to lower costs while increasing quality, and controlling the risks inherent in any construction. We are focused on bringing your construction in on time and under budget.