Our Services

When The Striler Group partners with you on your project we provide you with these valuable services:

  • Architect Selection
  • Contract Management
  • Contractor Selection
  • Site Selection
  • Cost Control
  • Design Coordination
  • Partnering
  • Schedule Review
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Change Management
  • Conceptual Estimating
  • Contract Development
  • Construction Methods
  • Cost Review
  • Engineer Selection
  • Risk Management
  • Scheduling
  • Value Engineering

The Striler Group works hard to make sure that you have the very highest quality that you can receive. Our group provides you with the highest quality control standards, the most up to date technical skills and the best oversight team possible. You and your project will receive the following benefits from our extensive experience.

Our personnel will take the “lead” and become your central communicator. This helps to determine that each party is informed, included, and heard on an ongoing and consistent basis. This includes the constituents, administrators, designers, contractors, municipality officials, consultants, and suppliers. The Striler Group will lead the communication effort by organizing, controlling, and facilitating the necessary team effort from all parties to the project.

Not only will we ensure that all parties involved are communicating but we will ensure clear and concise communications – in writing. All meetings are documented and distributed to every party involved.

We will create and maintain an “Open Items” file that will define, on a day-to-day basis, the items and actions on which all team members owe feedback. This assures prompt delivery and follow through on all responsibilities.

The Striler Group continuously  works to provide consistent, professional leadership of the many entities that must work together. By using proven tools, we guarantee the highest production and quality from all resources. The Striler Group knows our business well enough to effectively assess when to push, confront, coax, support, and assist to ensure that project Owners are receiving the greatest value.

Providing the owner with the ongoing and continuous assurance that the team is working in unison. Our experience allows us to continually track the big picture while the details are assembled. This is critical to maintaining the productive process.

Project Coordination
Maintaining the constant organization of the workflow to match the project needs and we continuously assess those ever-changing needs to provide for continuity of good progress for our owners. This assures that all resources are in a place where and when they are needed and prepared to perform. The Striler group  will also monitor and maintain communication between all parties resulting in a smooth transfer of all information.

Capabilities Assessment
Analyzing the experience, skill sets, and communication skills of the lead party(s) from each team member. Maintain highest quality communication and notification with Owner when deficiencies are found, assuring immediate and successful resolution.

Conflict Resolution
Problems and disputes can always arise despite the best efforts. Those that may arise between team members are immediately addressed. We leave no stone unturned and no problem unanswered. The on-site issues are met with the highest standard of negotiation available within the capacity of our agreement with the parties. The goal is that the application of the skills outlined in our approach eliminates misunderstandings.

Our record in conflict resolution speaks for itself. The Striler Group has never had a problem or dispute arise that has escalated to a claim or lawsuit. The professional and time-proven standards we apply have ensured continued, successful resolution of any difficulties that have occurred.

Contract Development
The Striler Group’s experience and ongoing management of the details of agreements for the project will provide added value to the Owner in the protection of their interests. This reduces risk and assures that all parties are clear on their commitments.

Consistently striving to ensure that our involvement and input on Agreements for designers and contractors is fair and equitable – not onerous to anyone involved in the process.

Working closely and effectively with Owner’s Attorneys to produce Agreements that are complete and forward-thinking in order to produce Owner-protective documentation for every process.

At no time do we make decisions on behalf of our owners and no program manager will make decisions without the active involvement and participation of the Owner of the project. We endeavor always to provide thought-provoking information and to present the best information available on any project, making recommendations as we see fit to do, only those items approved and directed by the project owner will be carried out.

Change Management
In all projects and developments, changes may occur that will impact the cost, schedule, and/or quality of the project. Every change that is proposed by any involved party, inclusive of Owner(s), Designers, Contractors, Engineers, and any and all other team members for fairness, impact, and appropriate feasibility. Striler does the very best to be fair and reasonable to every involved party.

All parties are involved in the process of assessing the value, necessity, and issue(s)  of the change, resulting in rapid resolution and meeting of all criteria to assure fairness and satisfaction for all parties before any change is implemented.

Next to communication, professional scheduling management is essential and critical to the success of a project. All projects will have a detailed schedule in which we manage. We develop the schedule by category, as applicable to each project’s specific needs.

Methodology used and time proven strategies incorporated include:

  • Monitoring of all schedules provided and agreed to by Designers and Contractors
  • Requiring, from all General Contractors, a 3-week “look-ahead” scheduling method.
  • Daily observation in terms of scheduling is essential after approval to ensure on-time delivery, cost control and pro-active involvement on any issues that may arise. The Striler Group takes pride in staying ahead of problems in any construction project management that we undertake in order to prevent them from taking place.
  • Identifiying and advising in terms of lead times on all critical items
  • We provide, as the project nears completion, a specific written schedule of tasks to be completed in order to create a successful and detailed road map to completion and opening of the new project.

Design Oversight
As with all contractors, we issue close monitoring of the progress of the design team.

Proactively making inquiries and question team members as necessary to assure that the Owner requirements are being appropriately carried out. The Striler Group remains, throughout the project, lead communicators and coordinators between the design team and the Owner(s) of the projects that we undertake.

Reviewing, assessing, and addressing any and all changes made to the initial Project Plan and check feasibility and cost-effectiveness of the work efforts on an ongoing basis.
Assisting and coordinating the determination of all necessary equipment needs for the project.

Organizing and scheduling weekly meetings for design review that include the designers, the Owner or representative(s), and The Striler Group to assure that no issue(s) remains unresolved and that all open items are being addressed. Written minutes of these meetings are distributed among all parties, again, maintaining the highest level of communication possible. All parties are consistently involved and well informed. There are no unknowns when you work with The Striler Group. Communication is of the utmost importance on any project and we make sure that it takes precedence in every aspect of your work.

Contracting Methods
Prior to the final contractor selection, we provide the Owner(s) with a comprehensive review of the positives and negatives of various contracting methods. We then provide them with our recommendation for the most effective methods and those which will prove to present the least risk to the owner.

Contractor Selection
Based on our own experience in construction and construction management The Striler Group will pre-qualify contractors based upon experience, availability of key staff, size (not too big, not too small), location, and references. In this way, The Striler Group can assist our project owners to make all decisions with full knowledge.

Completing a survey of the area marketplace for the highest quality contractors, and creating a shortlist of the same for review by the Owner(s) with our recommendations.

Developing a Request For Proposal outlining the requirements of the bidders, with a pre-bid meeting scheduled, as applicable, to clearly identify the process and requirements to the selected contractors.

Conducting a pre-award meeting with the identified highest quality low-bidder to determine any open items and “gaps”, resulting in documented adjustments made to the design and/or proposal. Extensively interviewing the proposed project manager and superintendent for communication skills, industry knowledge, and appropriate experience. Upon completion of all review and discussion, we make our recommendation to award.

Our proven buying methods at The Striler Group have consistently acquired the most cost-effective contractors at below-market rates.

Cost Control
Creating a specific format for each project that follows the agreed-upon budget, by line item, to be managed. The “Master Budget” will break down all expected costs by category and line item, allowing for instantaneous checks with proposals.

Advising and suggesting contingency amounts with frequent review and appropriate adjustment as the project progresses and risk is reduced.

Providing “Contract Status Logs” which track all contracts issued by the Owner(s) and any other applicable trade, denoting the original amounts, change orders, current contract amount, billed to date amount, and remaining contract balance.

We can issue a conceptual estimate when initial programming is completed. This estimate identifies the expected cost for each category of the “Master Budget”.
A second estimate can be produced upon completion of the schematic design(s).

A third estimate can be produced upon completion of the design and development phase.

Each estimate is continuously compared to the “Master Budget” with any and all variance(s) noted. Further, each estimate will be reviewed, in detail, with the Owners to assure that scope and budget are fully and completely in line with all expectations.