About The Striler Group

Thank you for your interest in The Striler Group. St. Louis construction management companies are not uncommon. What makes The Striler Group unique in our field is that our services are not only geared toward providing you and your team with a rapid and successful project completion but also toward providing a positive outcome for our community. Our pride comes from our service to our customers as well as to the community.

As construction managers experienced in a wide range of diverse design and construction, we are uniquely qualified to fill the role of your construction manager.

We believe Experience speaks for itself. The Striler Group has served our clients as program and project managers for more than thirty years. Our projects have ranged from $5 to $50 million dollars.


The Striler Group has been involved with myriad projects of every size and budget. We have lent our hand to analysis, implementation and finding cost-effective solutions for our clients. Our oversight produces schedules and costs that the project owner can appreciate.

Our efforts have resulted in Owners reducing cost, meeting deadlines, controlling risk and increasing quality, making our services an effective part of the overall construction effort.