Value Engineering

Value Engineering is a process consisting of the systematic application of analytical, creative and evaluation techniques on a multi-disciplined basis to achieve the desired functions in a design or process while maximizing value and maintaining or improving required functions and decreasing cost.

Why does Value Engineering work?

  • All projects have unnecessary costs.
  • Decisions are often made without knowing the cost impact.
  • The design process focuses on expected solutions.

Benefits of a VE Program:

  • Reduce cost while increasing function, performance and quality.
  • Accomplish more projects for the same money.
  • Validate that capital expenditures are appropriate for program needs.
  • Validate planning and design decisions.
  • Validate project costs.

Common misunderstandings of VE:

  • Designers do it as a normal part of their design process.
  • Design review locates errors.
  • Used simply to cut costs when the project is over budget.
  • The only reason to do it is because it is mandated.

What projects are candidates for VE:

  • Projects with construction costs greater than $2 million.
  • Projects with complex designs.
  • Projects that are over budget.
  • Projects with construction concerns.